Save Pub Life FAQ

How will gift cards be delivered?

Gift cards will be delivered virtually around mid-April. You should receive an order confirmation as soon as you check out and a gift card to follow.

When will gift cards be mailed out?

Gift cards will be emailed out around the third week of April.

Will I be able to use the gift cards anywhere?

The gift cards will be unique to the pub where you donated. So if you love two locals, make sure you grab two!

How will the pub validate the gift card?

When the gift card is emailed out, there will be a unique six digit code. When the pubs are all open again, all you have to do is bring that code. The pub will then be able to use our portal to either partial or completely redeem the gift card. 

How do I suggest a pub?

Click on add a pub let us know. We are adding new pubs everyday!

Does Budweiser Brewing Group really match what I donate?

Absolutely! We are matching all donations up to £1,000 per individual pub. But hurry, there's a £500,000 limit.