Save Pub Life FAQ

How & when will gift cards be delivered?

Gift cards will be emailed out from Wednesday 25th November onwards. You should receive an order confirmation as soon as you check out, with the gift card following shortly afterwards.

Will I be able to use the gift cards anywhere?

The gift cards will be unique to the pub where you donated. So if you love two locals, make sure you grab two!

What products can I buy with the gift card?

We hope that you’ll choose to enjoy one of our many Budweiser Brewing Group products, but gift cards can be redeemed against any food or drink item at your chosen Establishment, at the discretion of the Establishment owner or manager.

When will I be able to buy gift cards until?

You will be able to purchase gift cards up until midnight on the 24th December.

How long do I have to use my gift card?

Gift cards are valid until 30th June 2021.

How will the pub validate the gift card?

When the gift card is emailed out, there will be a unique six digit code on it. When your pub reopens, all you have to do is bring that code with you and show it to the bar tender. The pub will then be able to use our portal to either partial or completely redeem the gift card. 

How do I get my local to sign up?

Make them aware of the campaign and get them to register by clicking ‘Add Your Pub’ on

Will I really get treated to a gift card by Budweiser Brewing Group when I buy a gift card for a friend?

Yes! We are matching all donations up to £100, with a total of £1000 per pub. But hurry, there is a £200,000 limit for this campaign.